The Kletterwald Winterberg

An adventure playground in lofty heights

Are you free from giddiness? Then it's off to the treetops! Action and adventure await you here. At Kletterwald Winterberg you can shimmy through the various climbing courses, balance over curious bridges and whiz from tree to tree on ropeways. You can try out for yourself what you are capable of. Five different climbing routes await you. Each one is a bit more challenging and higher than the previous one. Once you have completed a course, it's back to earth for you. Take a short breather and head off to the next climbing adventure.

Climbing fun for all ages

even for the "very little ones

  • Children's course at a height of 1 m for children from 0-7 years of age
  • Courses 1-3 possible from 8 years
  • Course 4 possible from 10 years (accompanied by an adult)
  • Course 5 possible from 12 years
  • Children 8-10 years old climb accompanied by an adult (1 adult per 2 children required).
  • Children from the age of 11 are allowed to climb on their own

Please note: If possible, we ask you not to bring any bags or rucksacks! You should also empty your trouser pockets as much as possible. For example, leave your valuables in the car and only take your car keys with you when you start climbing.

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More Information

Suitable for beginners

Registration only required for groups of 10 or more

In order to learn how to move safely through the high ropes course, you will first receive instruction from our professionals. Under instruction you will run through our training course at a height of one metre. As soon as you have familiarised yourself with the safety system and the rules, you are ready to go.


With us at Kletterwald Winterberg are waiting for you:

2 training courses - height approx. 1 m

Here you will familiarize yourself with the belay system and learn how to move through our climbing park. You have to overcome these elements:


Conductor bridge

Ropeway 5,70 m

Balancing beam


No. 1 Beginner course - height between approx. 3-5 m

Here you can prove your courage and show whether you are a real climbing ace. Up the ladder and off you go over the various hurdles:


Balancing beam

Battering ram

Ropeway 11,20 m

Nepal Bridge


Suspension bridge

mid-height tread net

Zigzag Bridge



Small rams

No. 2 Fun course - height between approx. 3-7 m

Well done! The beginner's course has been completed. But the next challenge is waiting for you. Let's see how you master these tests:


Checkerboard Bridge

Climbing wall

Sledge Bridge

Combination element

Scout leaders to the top of the climbing forest

Nepal Bridge

Cable car


Cable car


No. 3 Adventure course - height between approx. 3-9 m

Now you're getting the hang of it. Let's move on! The adventure course awaits you:


Balancing rope with handrail

Door bridge

Small platform

Palisade Labyrinth


Ski bridge

Ropeway 38,80 m

Log diagonal

Tyre bridge

short loops


High running net

No. 4 Adventure course - height between approx. 6-12 m

From the age of 10 accompanied by an adult

Don't look down! This is the highest climbing route in our climbing park. Four ropeways are waiting for you here:


Zigzag logs

Teller Bridge

long loops

Ropeway 15 m

long wooden bridge



FIRE Bridge

Ropeway 10 m

Cola boxes

Family fun at Kletterwald Winterberg at Erlebnisberg Kappe

No. 5 Sport course - height between approx. 5-11 m

From 12 years

This course is not for beginners. Sporty it goes over a climbing wall up to 11 meters high through the treetops:


Face pegs


Beer Benches


Summer toboggan

Logs crosswise


Ropeway 10 m

ViVa rio bridge



Wood dance

Ram loops

Ropeway 40.00 m

Safety in the Kletterwald

As an experienced outdoor organizer, Erlebnisberg Kappe stands for the highest technical safety and quality. The Kletterwald Erlebnisberg Kappe is equipped with a continuous safety system, the so-called LockDClips. The two carabiners are connected by a Bowden cable, which means that one carabiner can only be opened when the other is clipped into the safety steel cable. In addition, all our teamers are trained in accordance with IAPA standards and the latest safety guidelines. Nevertheless, climbing parks generally involve a risk of accident and injury that cannot be completely eliminated, even with the careful supervision of our experienced teamers. This residual risk is borne by the participants themselves.


Too small for the Kletterwald? Not with us!

So that the minis don't have to watch the climbing, but can also get active themselves, there is a separate children's course. It is designed to be child-friendly, easy to master and a real adventure. The nine stations, which are about one metre high, reach just up to the hips of adults, but are just right for children up to the age of seven.

Many great fun elements provide action. Kappi, the squirrel, is a wooden figure to climb over and balance on. A large wild boar serves as a climbing wall. Tunnels tempt visitors to crawl, mushrooms and snakes invite them to run over them. A spider's web and slide are the final touches. The little adventurers must be accompanied by a non-climbing adult when using the children's course.


Prices per person

Children 0 to 7 yearsChildren up to 15 years*Adults from 16 years
Single ticket9,50 € Children's course20,50 €24,50 €
Reduced ticket**-19,00 €23,50 €

Opening hours:

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 09.30 - 19.00 .

Last briefing at 16.00 hrs.

Depending on the weather or operational reasons, the opening hours may vary.



Further information

Card payment possible

*Up to and including 10 years only in the company of an adult. 1 adult may supervise max. 2 children. The duration of stay is limited to 3 hours (incl. instruction).

**Discounted tickets are available for groups of 15 or more and families.

Reservations only necessary from 10 people!

+49 2981 92 96 433