FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Erlebnisberg Kappe

General to the Erlebnisberg Kappe

How much is the entrance fee at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

Admission to Erlebnisberg Kappe is free! You can move freely around the entire site and take your time to look at everything.

You only pay for the attractions that you actually use. You can find the prices for our facilities here Prices & opening hours.

Where can I buy tickets for the individual attractions?

You can purchase tickets for each attraction directly at each facility. You do not have to buy your tickets in advance at a central collection point, but can simply explore Erlebnisberg Kappe - access is free - and then choose which attractions you want to use. Here you buy your ticket directly at the attraction as described.

Are dogs allowed at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

Dogs are very welcome at Erlebnisberg Kappe . Please note that they must be kept on a lead at all times. Your four-legged friend is also welcome to accompany you via Panorama Erlebnis Brücke . Do not leave them alone in the car, especially in hot weather.

Entering the other attractions is also not a problem. However, animals are not allowed on the attractions. We ask that you do not tie your dog up anywhere and leave it alone, but always stay with it.

Have you already read the report of bitch Holly at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

Where can I park?

Parking spaces are available for all guests at the large parking lot P3 (for navigation: Am Waltenberg 115, 59955 Winterberg). This parking lot is located directly at Kletterwald. Cross the pedestrian bridge or the traffic lights, cross the main road and you will reach Erlebnisberg Kappe after just a few meters. There is also a limited number of paid parking spaces at Kappe itself.

Where & how can I pay?

You can pay with cash and EC card at all facilities. The only exception is Kappe Express, where unfortunately only cash payment is possible. Payment by credit card is not possible.

For group bookings on account, please contact our guest service team in contact.

Is the Erlebnisberg Kappe also suitable for wheelchair users? (Or with rollator etc.?)

Unfortunately, since the attractions are located around the Erlebnisberg , slight ascents and descents cannot be avoided. However, due to the entrances to the attractions at the end of the mountain, the paths have been kept as simple and short as possible.

Our Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is also suitable for wheelchair users. An access is possible without steps and also on the bridge the stairs can be bypassed thanks to the flat ramps. The bridge must then be left again through the entrance. Right next door is the Panorama Restaurant, which is also accessible barrier-free.

The access to Sommerrodelbahn has a paved path. However, the staging areas around this path are filled with some gravel.

The Kletterwald is unfortunately not usable. A stay as a spectator in this turns out to be not recommended due to the nature of the forest with its narrow paths, roots and the like.

At what age are children allowed to use the facilities on their own?

The Sommerrodelbahn can be used alone from the age of 8. Younger children may only ride if accompanied by an adult.

The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke can be walked alone from the age of 12. Here, too, younger children need an escort.

At Kletterwald children from 11 years old may climb alone in the trees. Up to and including 7 years old go in the children's course and at the age of 8-10 an accompanying person is required.
(Maximum 2 children per accompanying person of full age.)

How do I get to the attractions? Do I have to take the chairlifts up?

No. All attractions are accessible by car. Of course, our attractions are located on and around the Erlebnisberg. However, the entrances are all located on the lower section of the mountain and are accordingly easy to reach.

A (round) trip on the chairlift is an experience in itself, which is not necessary to use the other attractions.

We recommend taking the Kappe Express, which runs several times a day between Winterberg town center and Erlebnisberg Kappe , or using your own car. You can park free of charge in the large parking lot P3 at Kletterwald. You can reach the other attractions from here after just a few meters on foot.

Is it possible to eat and drink at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

The Panorama Café - Restaurant is located directly at Panorama Erlebnis Brücke . You can enjoy the view of the mountain scenery in a cozy atmosphere with hot food all day long. The kiosk at Sommerrodelbahn provides you with various snacks to satisfy your hunger in between meals. Drinks, muffins, sweets and ice cream are also available at Kletterwald. The snack bar directly in front of the bike station offers currywurst, chips and drinks.

Can I bring my own food?

Of course, you can also bring your own food and eat it at our picnic area at Sommerrodelbahn . Our kiosk is also available here for small appetites. A visit to the Panorama Café restaurant or the snack bar at the bike station will help to satisfy your hunger.

Where are your toilets?

Toilets are located at the Kletterwald, at the Sommerrodelbahn and at the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke, as well as in the Panorama Café - Restaurant.

Which chairlift can be used by pedestrians?

Basically, only the 6-seater chairlift Kappe can be used by pedestrians. The panorama lift with its 4-seater chairs is exclusively available for bikers.

During the winter season there is only transport of winter sports enthusiasts.

Is there a weight limit for the bungee trampoline?

Yes. Up to 4 people can jump at the same time up to a maximum of 60 kilos each.

Can I drop by spontaneously with a group?

Reservations are recommended, especially for larger groups. At Kletterwald , you should definitely book for groups of 15 or more to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

The best way to do this is to send an email directly to info@erlebnisbergkappe.de. Please let us know in this email on which day you are coming to visit us, when you want to use which attraction, how many people you are traveling with and how many children (with age) are included. It is also important to include a cell phone number of a contact person who will be on site on the day of your visit so that we have the opportunity to reach you at short notice.

Is it possible to stay overnight at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

Only 300 meters from the mountain is the hostel Erlebnisberg Kappe . Here you can spend the night at a reasonable price. More info on www.hostel-winterberg.de

Is there a bus stop at Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

The bus stop VeltinsEisArena/Bobbahn is located directly at Erlebnisberg Kappe . From here you can reach us in just a few meters. The bus stop at the hostel is called Poppenberg. 

The following lines stop here:

  • BUS S 40 Schmallenberg - Oberkirchen - Winterberg - Niedersfeld
  • BUS R 28 Bad Berleburg - Girkhausen - Winterberg
  • BUS B2 WIN Winterberg - Kahler Asten - Neuastenberg - Mollseifen - Langewiese
  • BUS 451 Winterberg - Neuastenberg - Hoheleye
How long do I walk from the city center (train station, market place) to Erlebnisberg Kappe ?

Of course, this primarily depends on your walking pace. However, you should allow at least 25 minutes. If you are walking at a more leisurely pace, you will need a little more time.

We recommend taking the Kappe Express, which departs directly from the market square. Not only will you be taken to Erlebnisberg in a relaxed and comfortable way, but you will also travel past the city's sights with exciting announcements (German & Dutch). More info here

Can I use all the attractions as a pregnant woman?

In your own interest, we strongly recommend that you refrain from visiting all major and wild attractions. These include in particular the Sommerrodelbahn, the Kletterwald, the Fly-Line and the Bikepark. Of course, pregnant guests are still very welcome! How about a visit to the Panorama Cafè - Restaurant? Here you can enjoy the hustle and bustle around Erlebnisberg and the view of the Sauerland mountains in a cozy atmosphere. There's also plenty of fun to be had with a relaxing round of mini golf or a visit to Panorama Erlebnis Brücke .

Questions specifically about the Kletterwald

Can my child(ren) climb alone at Kletterwald Winterberg?

Children from the age of 11 may climb alone at Kletterwald . An adult accompanying person is required for children aged 8 to 10. A maximum of two children can be taken along per companion. Children up to 7 years of age can let off steam in the children's course under your supervision.

How many chaperones are needed for a group of children?

As a general rule, a maximum of 2 children can be taken along per adult companion. The age of majority is mandatory. Please also bear this in mind if you are visiting us as a group and there are teenage supervisors with you.

Do I have to pay admission if I only want to watch and not climb myself?

Only those who climb pay! Those who prefer to keep the solid ground under their feet can stay free of charge at Kletterwald . There are enough seats available, from which you can optimally observe the climbers in the trees.

Please note that children must be at least 11 years old to climb alone. Younger children need an adult companion.

How long am I allowed to climb?

The time spent at Kletterwald is 3 hours (including instruction). At the start, you will be kitted out and given a short briefing by our climbing pros. Together, you will head out onto the training course, where you will familiarize yourself with the climbing equipment and safety rules.

The rest of the time you can try out Kletterwald completely freely and independently. It doesn't matter whether you go through all the courses in order or whether you go through one course several times.

Is the Kletterwald open even when it rains?

The Kletterwald also regularly opens when it rains. The decision as to when climbing operations must be suspended is made by our experienced climbing professionals. The Kletterwald is always closed during thunderstorms. The facility must also be closed in the event of very heavy rain and, above all, strong winds. Check the overview on our adventure map for more information.

Do I need to bring a helmet and gloves?

Gloves are already included in our price at Kletterwald . Helmets are even prohibited for safety reasons. Since our obstacles and the ropes are above all also at head height, the risk is too great to get caught somewhere with the helmet.

The modern double safety system, which only allows the carabiners to be released at certain points on the course, ensures your safety. This means you cannot leave the course.

Is there also a kiosk on site?

At the entrance of the climbing forest there is a possibility to buy cold drinks.

What clothes should I wear? What do I do with my hair?

Of course, clothing in which you feel comfortable is best. Above all, sturdy, closed shoes are important. Climbing is not possible with flip-flops and high heels. This also applies when wearing dresses and skirts.

Open hair must be tied into a braid.

Can I climb with my own harness?

Climbing with your own harness is not possible. Our modern safety system is based on magnetic technology that allows you and your carabiners to unhook and hook in only at certain checkpoints. For this you need the climbing harnesses of the climbing forest.

My child is underchallenged. Is it allowed to change to a more difficult course even though it has not yet reached the age limit?

The age limits must be observed for safety reasons. Unfortunately, it does not matter how talented the child is. The age limits and the regulations on accompanying persons are mandatory for everyone. The final decision is made by the professional staff at Kletterwald on site.

When can I go to Kletterwald? When do I have to be there?

Our Kletterwald is open daily from 9:30 am to 7 pm. Every half hour there is a briefing, which is mandatory for all climbers. Attention: Last briefing is at 16:00. 

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. The harnesses are approved for a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Is the briefing compulsory for all climbers?

Yes, instruction is mandatory for all climbers.

Do I have to climb through the children's course with my child?

No. The children's course for 0-7 years is at a height of about one meter. Mum or dad just walks alongside and keeps an eye out. Adults of course do not pay an entrance fee for this.

Questions specifically about the Sommerrodelbahn

How long is the Sommerrodelbahn?

The Sommerrodelbahn is 700 meters long.

Can two people ride on one sled?

The sledges are suitable for two persons.

Does the Sommerrodelbahn also run in the rain?

As one of the few facilities of this kind, our Sommerrodelbahn runs even in the rain. Due to special wet shoes on the sledges, operation is possible even in wet conditions.

From what age is the Sommerrodelbahn usable?

The use of the Sommerrodelbahn is possible for children only from 3 years old accompanied by a person at least 8 years old. Children from 8 years old may already ride alone

As the speed is self-controlled, there is no need to worry about riding too wildly. 

A ride for under 3-year-olds is unfortunately not possible. We recommend a visit to Kappi's playground above Sommerrodelbahn instead!

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. The sleds are approved for a total weight of up to 150 kg.

Can I stay at Sommerrodelbahn without driving?

Yes, our guests can move freely around the entire site. At Sommerrodelbahn there are also plenty of places to sit, stay and even a pavilion in case it does rain or it is colder than expected.

Questions specifically about the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke

How long and high is the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke?

The Panorama Adventure Bridge is 435 metres long and up to 20 metres high.

Do I have to go over the fun and climbing elements?

No, the elements are attached to the side and are an additional offer. They do not have to be used.

What can I see from the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke ? What can I experience on it?

From the Panorama Adventure Bridge you have a fascinating view of the Sauerland mountain scenery. On a clear day, the view feels never-ending. The town of Winterberg is embedded in this panorama. A central eye-catcher is the St. Georg ski jump - Winterberg's landmark.

Other international sports venues can also be glimpsed, as the bridge runs directly over the Veltins EisArena and Bikepark Winterberg. The view over the ice canal gives an idea of what is demanded of the top athletes here. The hustle and bustle can also be easily observed at Bikepark . The bikers race down the individual tracks at top speeds and time and again there are spectacular tricks and jumps to see.

In addition, 5 further fun and climbing elements provide plenty of action and thrills. These do not have to be used. They are attached to the side and are an additional feature. 

The interplay with the different seasons reveals the most varied natural panoramas, which always bring Winterberg and the Sauerland to life in a different setting.

What is the nature discovery trail?

The nature discovery trail is unfortunately not open at the moment. Due to the bark beetle, most of the forest unfortunately had to be felled and the path is currently no longer available. As soon as there is news about this, we will of course let you know!

How many steps are there in the spiral staircase at the end of the bridge?

There are exactly 110 steps leading down into the nature adventure trail. Of course, the 40m long tube slide is faster.
Unfortunately, prams and wheelchairs have to turn back here and can only leave the bridge again via the entrance.

Questions specifically about the Fly-Line

What is a Fly-Line?

On a fly-line, you hang under a sledge that is attached to a steel rail. At a leisurely speed of around 12 km/h, you descend the mountain through the countryside. The sledges have centrifugal brakes, which ensure that you don't speed up. The approximately 1,000-metre-long route then ends in the valley near our chairlift station. Here you will be transported back up again free of charge after the ride.

Who can use the Fly-Line?

For the Fly-Line you have to be at least 3 years old. Children up to 6 years of age fly in tandem, i.e. together with an accompanying adult directly behind each other. Both flyers have their own sled and their own safety harness by which they are fastened. The maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.

Whether guests with disabilities can use the Fly-Line is at the discretion of our experienced Fly-Line guides on site. This is therefore always an individual decision.

We strongly advise against using the Fly-Line if you are pregnant. How about a relaxed visit to Panorama Erlebnis Brücke instead ?

How do I get (back) to the entry point on the mountain?

In the best case you can park at the free parking lot P3 at Kletterwald. From there, cross the street and walk a few meters to the Fly-Line, which is located below the top station of the 6-seater chairlift. Your slightly ascending path will lead you past the other attractions at Erlebnisberg Kappe , for example the Sommerrodelbahn, the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke and the Panorama Café-Restaurant, as well as Kappi's playground. So there are plenty of opportunities for a stop here. Of course, the same applies to the way back!

After the ride with the Fly-Line, which takes you between the trees and over parts of the Bikepark on the other side of the mountain, our chairlift brings you back up the mountain for free! 

Am I sitting or lying down?

In the Fly-Line you sit in a cosy and comfortable hanging device. 

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum weight allowed per person is 120 kg.

What do I do with my purse, backpack, or bulky items like a walking stick?

If you have a bag with you or a normal-sized rucksack, attach it to a carabiner just before your flight starts so that it cannot fall down. When you sit down, simply place the bag on your legs and the adventure can begin. The bag should, of course, be completely lockable so that objects cannot fall out.

Unfortunately, bulky and large items cannot be carried.

Please note: Your flight takes you over bike park trails. This means that there may be bikers below you during the ride. For this reason, all loose objects must be secured.

May I film the ride on the Fly-Line?

In principle, this is not a problem. However, the camera must be secured so that it cannot fall down. Filming with the smartphone is therefore not allowed.

Please note: Your flight takes you over sections of the bike park. This means that there may be bikers below you during the ride. For this reason, all loose objects must be secured.

I am afraid of heights. Can I still use the Fly-Line?

This decision is entirely up to you and unfortunately we can't take it off your hands. The Fly-Line is up to 10 meters high. Whether you dare to fly with it or not, you have to decide for yourself.

Please also note that you will be taken back to the top by chairlift after your flight on the Fly-Line. However, if you have a problem with this, you can also hike back up the mountain.

Questions specifically about Kappe Express

Can I use the Kappe Express with a stroller, wheelchair or walker?

The cars in the Kappe Express are fully equipped with seats, leaving almost no free space. For this reason, it is possible to carry the above-mentioned items and also other large objects only if they can be folded.

Can I get on and off at any time with my ticket?

All tickets - with the exception of a single journey - are day tickets. This means you can get on and off at any station at any time to continue to the next station.

In which language are the announcements made during the journey?

The announcements are made in German and in Dutch.

When and from where does the Kappe Express depart?

You can find the timetable with all information about travel times and stops right here.

Questions specifically about the trampoline

How does trampoline jumping work?

Each user may only jump on the field they have paid for. There is a coin slot. For 2 euros, the user may jump for 6 minutes.

How many people can jump at the same time?

Only one user may jump on each field. There are six fields in total. 

Can I change the fields?

No, it is strictly forbidden to jump from one mat to the next.

Can I keep my shoes on when jumping?

The facility may only be entered barefoot or with socks. 

What do I need to consider when jumping?

Jewelry that could be dangerous (large earrings, necklaces, watches) and glasses should be removed before use.
It is also strictly forbidden to hold on to the fencing net. Users are obliged to jump within their athletic limits and avoid dangerous jumps.
Somersaults and neck jumps are to be avoided. 

What is the maximum weight of the user?

The user must not weigh more than 90 kilograms. 

Are toddlers allowed to jump?

Children up to the age of 6 should only jump under parental supervision.

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