Flying through the middle of the forest

What is the Fly-Line?

The Fly-Line is the newest attraction at Erlebnisberg Kappe and is suitable for everyone from the age of 3. In this mixture of cozy roller coaster, zip line and nature adventure ride, you glide gently down into the valley on a roller sled. At a leisurely pace of about 12 km/h, you fly through the middle of nature with a fresh breeze. On the almost 1,000m long track you will experience the Sauerland nature from unknown perspectives. While you slowly swing through curves and traffic circles, you can also see the visitors of the Bikepark visitors of the bike park with their breathtaking descents and jumps, as various routes run directly under the Fly-Line. The Fly-Line is thus a family-friendly version of the Zip-Line and a unique experience!

How does it work?

The station of the Fly-Line is located directly under the mountain station of the large 6-seater chairlift. Here you can buy your tickets and then you will be prepared for the ride. Our Fly-Line guides will help you with words and deeds and attach you to the sled. Then you are ready to go! There is a lot to discover during the 5 minute ride. The sledges are almost silent when they drive over the pipe. Once you've reached the bottom, you'll be greeted by another guide, who will release you from the device. Now only a few meters separate you from the bottom station of the chairlift, with which you will be transported up again free of charge after a ride on the fly-line, in order to plunge into the further adventures at the attractions in the amusement park Erlebnisberg Kappe .


  • about 1.000m track length
  • about 5 minutes driving time
  • moderate speed up to 12 km/h
    at a height of 6 to 10 metres
  • Almost noiseless operation
  • Centrifugal brake regulates the speed
  • from 3 years (up to 6 years in tandem flight with accompaniment)
  • Maximum weight 120 kg


  • Start below the mountain station of the 6-seater chairlift - tickets are also available here.
  • You will then be attached to a fly-line sled by our fly-line experts
  • Already the leisurely ride through nature and over parts of the bike park can start
  • Once at the bottom, there is solid ground under your feet again
  • After your ride on the Fly-Line, you can take the chairlift back up the mountain free of charge.

Prices per person

(incl. chairlift ride)

Children 3 to 15 years*Adults from 16 years
Single ticket12,50 €15,50 €
Family tickets11,50 €14,50 €

Opening hours:

Daily from 09:30 - 17:00


Further information

*Children up to 6 years of age need an adult accompanying person to go down the mountain in tandem, i.e. both sleds directly behind each other. The maximum weight for using the Fly-Line is 120 kg.

So that you don't have to walk back up the mountain, you can take the chairlift back up again for free after your ride.

In case of rain and/or wetness, the Fly-Line unfortunately has to stop operating until it is drier again. Our status display on the start page always informs you about the current status.

Chairlift Kappe

Comfortably swinging through the nature

On the top of Erlebnisberg Kappe is the mountain station of the 6-seater chairlift "Kappe". In winter, when everything is under a thick blanket of snow, the mountain is a popular destination for many skiers as part of the Winterberg ski lift carousel. Experts will find here the steepest ski slope north of the Main line. Beginners take the easier forest run or try the panoramic slope. Everyone can get back up with the modern 6-seater chairlift.

And in summer? Also then the chairlifts turn with us! Because then especially mountain bikers from the Bikepark Winterberg use the modern chairlifts to ride comfortably up the mountain again; and that together with the mountain bike.

TIP: How about a ride with the Fly-Line?
After a ride on the Fly-Line, the chairlift will take you back to the top free of charge to Erlebnisberg Kappe !

But also hikers like to use the 6-seater chairlift to save a few meters in altitude. As a pedestrian, you can get on the train at the top station as well as at the bottom station, and let yourself swing comfortably through nature at a lofty height. Especially for hikers moving through the mountains of the Sauerland, the hike can be perfectly combined with a chairlift ride. The Erlebnisberg Kappe is located right next to the Rothaarsteig, so the first attractions of the amusement park are only a few meters away. So how about a break or a short break in between?

The 4-seater chairlift "Panoramabahn" on the other side of the Kappe is exclusively available for mountain bikers.

Prices per person

Children 4 to 15 yearsAdults from 16 years
Single ticket2,50 €4,00 €
Uphill & Downhill4,00 €6,00 €

Opening hours:

Daily from 09:30 - 17:25

Pedestrian transport from 09:30 - 17:00

Depending on the weather or operational reasons, the opening hours may vary.

Tip: The price for the ride with the Fly-Line includes the uphill transport with our chairlift!

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