Family outing with dog

The Erlebnisberg Kappe from a dog's point of view

An adventure from a whole new perspective

Hey guys! It's me, Holly. I'm a Border Collie and was in the summer with my family at Erlebnisberg Kappe in Winterberg. And one thing I can tell you: There is also a lot to experience for dogs here. The area is simply huge and there is something to discover at every corner. You can see me here directly on the first picture, where I can hardly wait to explore everything. For several days we have already been on foot, because we hiked in several stages the Rothaarsteig. Since only a short hiking stage was scheduled for today, we have included the Erlebnisberg Kappe as a leisure program.

So much to discover

But what can you actually do here? Brand new at Erlebnisberg is the Fly-Line. This is an approximately 1,000-meter-long, leisurely ride through the middle of the forest. You really have the feeling of flying. There is also a Kletterwald, a Sommerrodelbahn, a miniature golf course, a children's playground and much more. My favorite attraction is the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke. Why? I will explain that to you now!

With the family and the dog on Erlebnisberg Kappe
Dogs on the Panorama Adventure Bridge in Winterberg

As a dog on the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke

The bridge is great - also for dogs - because here I was even allowed. I had free admission and could be guided on a leash with the family. By the way, I was the whole day on the leash, but that's perfectly fine. After all, this is a publicly accessible area where many of my four-legged and two-legged friends are also out and about. But back to the bridge: On the 435m long path you can look far out over Winterberg. The mountains of the Sauerland stretch on the horizon.

Even I could enjoy the view. And the best thing is that I had no problems to walk over the bridge thanks to the wooden floor. Only at the end I had to watch out a bit, because at the descent there is a spiral staircase with steel grating. But if you take good care of your paws, this is also no problem. Otherwise you can simply walk back and leave the bridge through the entrance. Afterwards we went through the nature experience path, which brings you closer to nature and the inhabitants of the forest.

Time out for humans and animals

There are several options for a break. For example, you can stop by the cozy Panorama Restaurant & Café and also enjoy the view of the Sauerland mountain scenery through the large panorama windows. Coffee, cakes and whole meals invited my companions to linger. And I would not tell you if I had not also been welcome. Dogs have the opportunity to recover and recharge their batteries during a break here. For a snack in between there is also a kiosk at the summer toboggan run. Here was our next stop.

Bar and fireplace in the Panorama Café-Restaurant Winterberg
Family trip with dog to the Erlebnisberg Kappe

Family adventure Sommerrodelbahn

At the Sommerrodelbahn, as well as at the other attractions with the exception of the bridge, I was unfortunately not allowed to ride, but of course I was allowed to accompany my family to the respective area. I was all the happier that my companions had fun here. They always took turns, so I was never alone. Many other children and adults also enjoyed the Sommerrodelbahn. Yes, okay, I also had to wait a long time until we could go on and admittedly, there were one or two envious looks from me, because I would also have liked to throw myself into the adventure. But well, I could still rest a little and strengthen!

Four-legged friends are welcome everywhere

At the Sommerrodelbahn I met a dog friend of mine, who just came from the Kletterwald . Together with his grandmother, he stayed on the ground and watched the others overcome the obstacles at dizzy heights. After we had played together for a while, it was time to move on again, because miniature golf was still on the agenda. I was literally rooting for the duel, because the 18-hole course promises an exciting match for all ages.

Thereupon, unfortunately, we had to leave, because we still had a stage of the Rothaarsteig ahead of us, which, by the way, runs directly along the Erlebnisberg Kappe . So it was time to move on and start new adventures.

My day as a dog on Erlebnisberg Kappe

My conclusion: The Erlebnisberg Kappe is also super suitable for dogs. On a leash, we four-legged friends can be taken to any area. There is only one exception and that is the children's playground. But as a dog even I have understanding for it, because there should finally come the very small ones fully at their expense. Attractions themselves we may not use for our own safety, but on the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke we may with and are even welcome in the restaurant there. Large and small bipeds, just like us dogs have here an eventful day. For me, one of the leisure tips in the Sauerland.

Also my family has written a little report about the Erlebnisberg from a human point of view. You can find the whole thing in the blog Borderherz. You can find the entry to Erlebnisberg Kappe here.

Family with dog at the nature adventure trail

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