Who is Kappi the squirrel, anyway?

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Kappi the Squirrel Coloring Template

To pass the time for our little fans, we have come up with something very special for you and have a painting template for you, where you can paint Kappi the squirrel yourself!

And if you want to learn even more about Kappi and the world of squirrels, just read on. Have fun!

Kappi's sweepstakes on Facebook and Instagram

Normally we would have started the new summer season last weekend...and already we have to realize: Without you it's pretty boring at Erlebnisberg Kappe ... Therefore Kappi the squirrel has thought up a very special action for you to pass the time!

WIN: There are 3 x 2 combination tickets to be won (combination ticket: visit of Panorama Erlebnis Brücke + 2 rides Sommerrodelbahn Winterberg)

TASK: Get the Kappi coloring template directly from our homepage. Your kids can then color in Kappi and in the background draw the attraction(s) from Erlebnisberg Kappe that you would most like to visit!

TO ENTER: To enter the competition, simply share the finished image with us in your Facebook/Instagram feed. Very important: Don't forget to tag/link us so we can find it! And use the hashtag #KappiVomErlebnisberg. Feel free to write a few words about your favorite attraction!

The person uploading the picture must be at least 18 years of age and will become a sweepstakes entrant.

By the way, you are of course welcome to like/follow us and share the raffle post! 

Have fun and success!

Further information

The competition ends on Sunday, 03 May 2020! We will draw the prizes among all participants and contact the winners accordingly.

Participants agree to us sharing/publishing the pictures on our homepage www.erlebnisbergkappe.de as well as on Facebook/Instagram.

The competition is in no way connected to Facebook/Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook/Instagram. The legal process is excluded.

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Deep in the Sauerland forests our friend has found his home. The forest dweller with the nimble paws, the bushy tail and the white fur on his belly lives in the trees and proves his climbing skills there again and again. In search of fruit and seeds, the little hero is always around. One adventure chases the next. We're talking about Kappi the squirrel, of course.

Kappi is the mascot of Erlebnisberg Kappe . That's why you'll find him here, too, of course. The cuddly companion of young and old joins the adventurers in their adventures. Already at the foot of the mountain the guests are welcomed by Kappi, before it goes then on wild journeys with the Sommerrodelbahn or high out in the Kletterwald . His pride and joy is of course Kappi's own playground. That's because it's not only his own retreat, but also the place to go for some downtime. While the kids can let their imaginations run wild and let off steam with the loving design of the adventure playground, the adults relax and watch the colorful goings-on of the little guests.

Did you know that...

...squirrels do not hibernate? They are much less active in the winter than in the summer, but even here they at least move around for a few hours every now and then. So they are in hibernation. On summer days, the small rodents roam around mainly in the mornings and afternoons, so they like to take a nap at lunchtime. In autumn, however, there is no rest. Then it is called to collect food and to build up winter depots. These are plundered during the cold season when there is a shortage of food. Hiding food also has a positive effect on nature: Kappi and his friends contribute to the spread of shrubs and trees.

Squirrels retreat into tree hollows or their tree nests. The latter, by the way, are called goblets. With an interior diameter of up to 15 cm, the rodents have their place here. As a rule, only one squirrel lives in a hutch. An exception are the litter boxes in which mother and offspring find space together. Most of the time, one squirrel even uses several hutches.

On the nature discovery trail, which directly connects to Panorama Erlebnis Brücke , you have the opportunity to learn much more about the forest and its animals. Kappi is your companion and explains nature to you at 14 different stations, which really invite you to join in. In addition to a lot of interesting facts, the main focus is on experiencing and participating. Families and groups of children and young people have the opportunity to prove what they have learned in the forest quiz.

For those who want to discover the forest from the squirrel's perspective, we recommend a ride on the Fly-Line in Winterberg. Between the treetops along it goes in a comfortable sitting position on a leisurely ride in the middle of the Sauerland forest and through the treetops. In addition, it goes over sections of the Bikepark Winterberg, where there are some perspectives to discover, as usually only the squirrels get to see.


So Kappi takes you on a discovery tour into his world of adventures, is at your side as a local guide and is looking forward to many special moments with you at Erlebnisberg Kappe .

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Who is Kappi the squirrel, anyway?

At home in the Sauerland forests directly at Erlebnisberg Kappe Kappi the squirrel is waiting for you and accompanies you on your adventures and adventures.

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