Leisure fun during Corona on Erlebnisberg Kappe

A field report about the excursion destination in Sauerland

The time when you stare at the ceiling at home is over. Finally, it's fun again at Erlebnisberg Kappe with the numerous leisure activities in the Sauerland. After the rather gray days come now finally again the colorful - in the middle of nature and with lots of fun for family, friends and other groups. Today I would like to take you with me and show you that the protective measures at Erlebnisberg Kappe do not stand in the way of fun. Together with the family - my wife and our two children - we spent an exciting day in Winterberg. And what I was able to determine: As long as everyone follows the rules, there are almost no restrictions. Let's go!

Inform yourself about the homepage before your visit

All important protective measures and behavioural instructions

Before we left for Erlebnisberg Kappe , I checked the homepage to find out what to expect there in the Sauerland. An overview of general protective measures that have been taken, including rules of conduct for guests and, of course, employees, shows me that a lot of thought has gone into the hygiene concept. The overview of when mouth/nose protection is needed at the various facilities is also very practical. In addition, there are also detailed instructions for the individual attractions at Erlebnisberg Kappe . As a result, I felt well prepared and did not experience any unpleasant surprises during my visit.

Note: The Corona situation is very dynamic. My experience report refers to the applicable rules during my visit. For this reason, I recommend even more to take a closer look at the instructions of the Erlebnisberg Kappe the day before the planned visit, in case something should have changed.

Already on the mountain and at the various attractions, it is clearly pointed out that the minimum distance must be observed. Where it is required, further signs and easy-to-understand illustrations likewise point out the wearing of a mouth-nose mask.

Arrival to the Erlebnisberg Kappe

Much more than a theme park in the classic sense

Actually, everything seems to be the same as always. With the car we go to the free large-area parking lot directly across from Erlebnisberg. Lack of parking and close contact with other people is not the case here. The area offers enough free space so that everyone could easily keep the minimum distance of 1.5m. Our car was already in close proximity to Kletterwald, but we wanted to save that for later. Therefore we walked the footpath over the footbridge to Erlebnisberg Kappe . The Kappe is not a classic amusement park. The various attractions in Sauerland impress with sports, fun and activity, as well as sightseeing, relaxation and enjoyment. Popular classics like the Sommerrodelbahn Winterberg or also the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke promise leisure fun for young and old. At the same time, there are many unique highlights, for example with the Fly-Line, from which you can watch the goings-on in Bikepark Winterberg.

Sightseeing Winterberg - The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke

View of Winterberg in the Sauerland and the sights of the town

A few years ago we visited this insider tip in the Sauerland: Panorama Erlebnis Brücke. A breathtaking view of the town of Winterberg in the middle of the Sauerland mountains awaits you here. We wanted to experience that again. Here you have the feeling of absolute freedom when you can let your gaze wander over the numerous mountain peaks. Exactly this feeling, which we had to do without so often in recent weeks.

There was almost no trace of Corona. In the entrance area, the path was divided by a barrier, so that entrance and exit were separated from each other. A large banner again points out the compliance with the minimum distance. The wide bridge and the viewing platforms on the Sauerland give visitors enough space to keep the distances, so that a mouth-nose protection is not necessary. The highlight for the children during our visit to Panorama Erlebnis Brücke was above all the fun and climbing elements. At exciting heights of up to 20 meters, the children can climb over, under and next to the large bridge. The big tube slide is the end of the bridge. The kids couldn't get enough of it and ran back up the spiral staircase several times so they could slide again. The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is like a big adventure playground for the little ones and invites the big ones to relax and enjoy the Sauerland in Winterberg.

On the nature adventure trail to the next adventure

Leisure fun in the middle of nature

The end of the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is seamlessly followed by the nature discovery trail through the middle of one of the many Sauerland forests. Here too, of course, the distance must be maintained. However, this also works perfectly smoothly. We were accompanied by Kappi the squirrel. Exciting background information about the forest and its inhabitants is presented and thanks to the forest quiz, which we got at the entrance of the bridge, the whole family could prove the learned knowledge during this excursion.

A flying adventure in the middle of the Sauerland with the Fly-Line Winterberg

The mixture of zip line, roller coaster and rope slide

The next highlight was already on the horizon: The Fly-Line Winterberg is a unique experience. It is super difficult to imagine this attraction if you have not seen it yourself. It can be described as the family-friendly version of a zip line with a moderate speed of about 10 to 15 km/h. With lots of twists and turns, it goes down the hill similar to a roller coaster. Unlike a zip line, you hang in comfortable suspension harnesses under a sled on a steel tube. The saying applies here: a picture is worth a thousand words, so you know what to expect.

Children from three to six years old fly together with an adult in tandem. That's why my son and I went together for the fly-line ride. We were both fascinated by this adventure. It is something completely different to see the forest from the treetops. But the highlight for both of us was unbeatable the Bikepark Winterberg, over which we flew! With the words "Dad, I want to do that too" the next offspring biker seemed to be waiting in the wings.

There is disinfectant at the entrance to the launch, as there is at the other attractions by the way. The employees always let in only a minimal part of the guests, so that the distance can be maintained. As a guest, everyone gets a belt and it is explained how to put it on. As a guest, you do a lot by yourself, but always under the observation of the employees who check that everything is put on correctly. Those who do not get further on their own will of course get some help. The employees all wear a mouth-nose-protection and additionally gloves. Guests are also required to wear a mask while dressing and preparing for the flight. With the respective protective measures, one is hooked into the car and then the comfortable ride with the Fly-Line already begins.

Releasing the harness at the finish is similar to putting it on at the start. You quickly leave the finish platform to make room for the following pilots. The Fly-Line is really an exciting experience for the whole family and even upwards the age is open. Next time we will take grandma and grandpa with us to Erlebnisberg Kappe ! But the adventure is not over yet, because following the ride on the Fly-line, we take the chairlift back up the mountain. Once again, my little one was so fascinated by all the bikes that he couldn't take his eyes off the bikers that were everywhere. Because they also ride the chairlift back up to the top of the mountain.

Adventure playground in Winterberg for all children

Kappi's playground with slide, swing, seesaw and co.

Now something very special was to come for our two children: Kappi's playground. On the adventure playground Winterberg directly at Erlebnisberg Kappe all children have the possibility to let off steam while mom and dad can watch the hustle and bustle on the secured playground area in a relaxed way. Many different pieces of playground equipment provide plenty of variety. The classics like slide and seesaw have been lovingly designed. You can recognize Kappi the squirrel everywhere. And also all climbing elements are matching the Erlebnisberg Kappe in wood and forest optics.

There are almost no restrictions regarding Corona, except for the already known rule of the minimum distance. Of course, you should rather avoid the playground when it is already a bit more crowded, but then you have the possibility to use one of the many attractions and just come back later. By the way: The use of Kappi's playground is free of charge!

Tobogganing on the Sommerrodelbahn in Sauerland

A popular destination with the whole family is the toboggan run Winterberg

The toboggan run is a classic for young and old. Even as a child, I always looked forward far in advance when it was time to say "We're going summer tobogganing again!" My children feel the same way. So the toboggan run at Erlebnisberg Kappe was the next stop on our day. Of course, we adults didn't want to miss out on the fun either, so my wife and I also bought a ticket right at the ticket office.

The area of Sommerrodelbahn was super separated in the process. There is only one entrance and exit each, so that the flow of visitors can be better controlled. At the ride itself, there are also separate areas for entry and queuing, ticket sales and exit at the attraction. We took advantage of the time and had a picnic at the toboggan run area as well. We had our own snacks with us in our backpacks. There are still benches and tables available.

My wife wanted to challenge us to a round of miniature golf and I have to admit that the course looked really fun. But with the Kletterwald there was another highlight on the program that we had firmly planned with the children. So it was with a heavy heart that we decided to forgo an exciting game of miniature golf with the family.

High up in the Kletterwald Winterberg

Outdoor climbing among the trees in the Kletterwald

The Kletterwald Winterberg was the last destination of the day. 5 different courses for beginners to professionals were waiting for us. Our youngest also had his own kids' course at his disposal, where he had to climb through the various obstacles and climbing elements at a height of one meter. Either my wife or I was with him the whole time, while the other accompanied our 10-year-old daughter. She was already allowed to climb on the first big climbing courses. By the way, also at Kletterwald the children got a free ticket for the Sommerrodelbahn, which is included in the family ticket.

The most important thing is probably that you need your own gloves in Kletterwald . This I have previously also read in the notes around Corona. My wife and I still had gloves at home, but for the children we had no suitable size. However, this was not a problem, because gloves are also available for purchase on site for a small fee, so that the kids could also be equipped with them.

The donning of the harnesses here was similar to that at the fly line. Equipped with the protection on our faces and our gloves, we were dressed. Then the instruction in the practice course began and we were able to make our first climbing attempts. When climbing itself, it is no longer necessary to wear a face mask. By the way, everyday or surgical masks are mandatory here. Scarves, bandanas and the like are prohibited as mouthguards at Kletterwald .

In any case, we had a lot of fun here and have become more active than I had suspected. But at some point you just get the ambition and you want to create the next, more difficult course just like the previous one. So everyone can climb here, from beginners to super athletes. We almost couldn't get my daughter back on the ground, she had so much fun!

Leisure fun in times of Corona

The Erlebnisberg Kappe is the outdoor destination in the fresh air!

This moment, when you simply live again and enjoy, for which you have waited for weeks and where you are happy about every second, that's what my family and I experienced today. It was an insanely beautiful day at Erlebnisberg Kappe . The amusement park in the Sauerland is different from other amusement parks in NRW, much more an adventure park or a world of experience with many different attractions for the whole family. Especially by the fact that you are always in the fresh air, a mouth-nose protection is always necessary only if you can not keep the distance of 1.5 meters.

In those situations where contact between staff and guests cannot be avoided, I personally still felt very safe despite everything. The distance was really only undercut where it was necessary, but then with additional protective measures. Above all, the children had fun and that was particularly important to my wife and me on this day. I think the next time we come, my little one will certainly want to get on the bike to visit Bikepark Winterberg. But we will also gladly take the Sommerrodelbahn again, since the children's free tickets are still valid, we decided to save them for the next visit.

Our conclusion: Leisure fun in Corona times? That is definitely possible! The restrictions are minimal if each individual sticks to the minimum distance! My family and I were happy to finally spend the day outside and have the freedom to really do whatever we feel like doing. The Erlebnisberg Kappe is the address for adventures with the whole family. As an excursion destination, it is not just an amusement park in North Rhine-Westphalia, but, as the name suggests: a Erlebnisberg - with everything that goes with it, so that young and old, young and old get their money's worth. During our next visit, other attractions are also on the program, such as mini golf, Kappe Express, Bikepark Winterberg and a visit to the Panorama Café - Restaurant. Because true to the motto, our next adventure is already waiting for us!

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