The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke

A dreamlike view over the roof of the Sauerland

Fun and action from a bird's eye view. Experience Winterberg from the very top. Let the wind blow around your nose on the highest viewing bridge in the Sauerland. The 435 meter long and 20 meter high bridge is unique in its kind and therefore a sight in itself! Instead of just enjoying the panorama from above, you can shimmy along five fun elements above, below or next to the bridge. But don't be afraid! Safety nets ensure that you don't fall "out of the clouds". From up here you have a magnificent view of Winterberg, the landmarks and sights of the city, as well as the other attractions on the leisure area, such as the Bikepark Winterberg.

The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is really suitable for everyone - no matter how old. It is even accessible for wheelchair users and you can even take your dogs with you - on a lead, of course.

  • Children up to 3 years free of charge when accompanied by an adult 
  • Children up to and including 11 years accompanied by an adult
  • Children from the age of 12 may already go alone on the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke

Since the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is open all year round, you have the opportunity to discover Winterberg and the Sauerland at different times of the year. In this way, nature offers you unique views of the sights of the city and the mountains in NRW every time. On its way along the Erlebnisberg Kappe the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is anything but just an ordinary treetop path. From this unique attraction, you not only have a breathtaking view of the Winterberg Sauerland, but also of the other leisure facilities at Erlebnisberg.

In spring, you can see nature awakening from hibernation. Over the summer days, you can not only enjoy the view, but also watch the bikers at Bikepark Winterberg below Panorama Erlebnis Brücke doing their tricks and jumps. In autumn, another natural panorama appears when the leaves on the trees change color and gradually slide to the ground. In winter, you can admire the Sauerland dressed in snow. In addition, the winter sports enthusiasts around the bridge are sure to catch your eye as they plunge down the steepest descent north of the Alps.

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In addition to fantastic views and the sights await you:


The suspension bridge

Climb the tower and balance over the swinging planks of the suspension bridge! On the other side, climb back down the net. I wonder if Mum and Dad would dare!

The plate bridge

Swing and sway. From one plate to the next, you shimmy past the bridge. Attached to the side and with nothing underneath you - apart from the safety nets, of course - you cross the Sauerland floor.

Climbing on the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke in Winterberg at the Erlebnisberg Kappe

The Sky Boa

Like a large snake, the network of tunnels arches over the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke. On all fours, you crawl through at airy heights. Above the heads of the other visitors to the attraction, it goes from one side of the bridge to the other.

The Jungle Bridge

A tube leads you under the bridge. Like Indiana Jones, you run here at a dizzy height and free-swinging over the Jungle Bridge. On the other side you go back up the same way.

Climbing on the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke in Winterberg at Erlebnisberg Kappe  (2)
Slide Panorama Erlebnis Brücke at Erlebnisberg Kappe  in Winterberg portrait format

The end tower with tube slide

Climbing stairs is for wimps! The 40-meter-long tube slide is faster. After that, a wide gravel path leads back up to Kappe.

Prices per person

Children 4 to 15 years*Adults from 16 years
Single ticket6,00 €7,00 €
Reduced ticket**5,50 €6,50 €

Opening hours:

Open daily from 09.30 - 18.00 hrs.

Depending on the weather or operational reasons, the opening hours may vary.

Further information

Card payment possible

*Up to and including 11 years only when accompanied by an adult. Children up to 3 years are free.

**Discounted tickets are available for groups of 15 or more and families.

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