Throwback Day Erlebnisberg Kappe

A review of the origin and development of the Erlebnisberg Kappe

Countless people have already spent an eventful day at Erlebnisberg Kappe . This destination is anything but a theme park in the classic sense. Nevertheless, many attractions and a colorful leisure program are the hallmarks of the Winterberg destination for families, friends and groups.

How it all began - the ski resort Kappe

The history goes back to the last millennium and began more than two decades ago. In 1996, the ski resort Kappe was acquired. This was the starting signal for the leisure area in the Sauerland. It was 1998 when with the Sommerrodelbahn Winterberg the first attraction for the warm season was opened at Erlebnisberg Kappe . The toboggan run quickly became a crowd favorite and is now a real leisure tip for families and friends as well as a true classic that goes down well with all ages. In 2003 the Bikepark Winterberglift, which was originally only used for skiing, can now also be used in summer. Continuously, the routes of the bike park were expanded, which makes it today the most versatile bike park in Germany and also a top address of the international mountain bike scene.

Some people will probably now ask themselves the question, "Riding a bike down a mountain? How exciting can that be?" And that's exactly what the bridge built in 2006 provides, among other things, the appropriate answers. When the bikers are "shredding down the track," guests of the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke the best view. From up there, directly above the tracks of the bike park, so to speak, you have a front row seat when the bikers ride through the various mountain bike trails in Winterberg with daredevil jumps and rapid descents.

Panorama Erlebnis Brücke is being built at Erlebnisberg Kappe
Construction of the Panorama Erlebnis Brücke in Winterberg
Kletterwald Winterberg under construction
Construction of the Kletterwald WInterberg

Summer and winter was expanded

Time has not stood still at Erlebnisberg Kappe either, and many more attractions have been added over the past few years. These include the Kletterwald Winterberg in 2008 and the Panorama Café - Restaurant one year later. From now on, you could not only get active on the bike, but also shimmy through the treetops. With the restaurant was also added a quiet, cozy retreat, which invites you to linger and enjoy in heavenly scenery. Delicious dishes from the consistently warm kitchen and a fascinating panoramic view of the town of Winterberg between the Sauerland mountains are the hallmarks of this very special excursion restaurant.

Since 2011, the Kappe Express has been connecting Winterberg town center with Erlebnisberg Kappe . The ride on the bright red funicular is an experience in itself. The train passes the many sights on its way through the streets of Winterberg. The train shuttles comfortably between the stations several times a day and connects the excursion destination Erlebnisberg Kappe directly with the marketplace in Winterberg.

Not only in summer things have changed, because also the winter operation at the ski resort Kappe has changed. Here, diligently invested in the infrastructure to increase the snow reliability. In addition, a new lift has expanded the range of routes. In 2012, a large gap in the ski lift carousel was finally closed and the ski area Kappe was connected to the other lifts by the newly built Schneewittchenhang between Bremberg and Kappe .

Cheap accommodation in Winterberg

Also in 2012, the former Landschulheim Bochum was taken over and combined with the Hostel Erlebnisberg Kappe a low-cost accommodation option was created in the immediate vicinity of the adventure area. Since then, the comfortable accommodation with youth hostel charm offers inexpensive rooms for individual travelers as well as groups. Especially families, bikers, skiers and also hikers benefit from the location. As a group accommodation, the hostel offers school classes on school trips, clubs during their club trips, but also all other groups on group excursions a stay with a colorful entertainment program.

In the following years, the 2-seater chairlift was replaced by a modern 6-seater chairlift. And the surface lift on the Käppchenhang was also replaced by a modern 4-seater lift. Both in summer and winter, athletes, whether on bikes or skis, benefit from high comfort and increased capacity. In addition to the lifts, the trails have also been expanded and improved. This applies again to both the Bikepark Winterberg and the ski area Kappe.

Cheap accommodation in hostel Erlebnisberg Kappe  Winterberg
Entrance hostel Erlebnisberg Kappe  in Winterberg
Construction of adventure playground in Winterberg

And in the future?

In 2018, a new attraction was added for our very young guests. At Kappi's playground children experience their very own adventure with Kappi the squirrel. As the mascot of the adventure mountain and companion at the play elements, the kids let their imagination run wild. The newest attraction is again aimed at all ages. In 2019, the Fly-Line was opened, on which guests fly through the treetops and over the Bikepark Winterberg on a relaxing ride.

What the future holds? That is not yet revealed. But one thing is for sure: We want to put a smile on your face in the years to come. We are already looking forward to your visit!

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