"Kiss the Sky Trampoline

A bit like flying

Like a bouncy ball, you jump up to 8 metres in the air and do somersaults forwards and backwards. Experience the tingling sensation in your stomach as you defy gravity. With each jump, you are pulled upwards by the bungee cords on your safety harness. No matter how old or tall you are, everyone can take part. Up to 4 people, each weighing a maximum of 60 kilos, can jump at the same time.

The "Kiss-the-Sky" trampoline is located directly on the adventure area of Sommerrodelbahn Winterberg and is thus one of the many other attractions at the adventure park. Recreational fun doesn't come up short at the bungee facility. Jump, jump again and again until you can feel you are touching the sky. Doing so many somersaults that you don't even know where you are above and below. This sporting activity is waiting for you!

Prices per person

Up to max. 60 kg4,50 €suitable for all ages

Opening hours:

Daily from 09:30 - 18:00

Depending on the weather or operational reasons, the opening hours may vary.

+49 2981 92 96 433